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20 Tid-Bits From Turks and Caicos

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

Hello! As you’re reading this I’m locked in a room with my math team (metaphorically locked, of course) for 14 hours working away at our Moody’s Mega Math Challenge problem. I’m excited and a bit nervous, but we’ve been preparing for this for months and I think we’re ready.

This week my most recent post for Dr. Jane Goodall’s blog was published. It’s called “Do You Want to Be A Farmer When You Grow Up?” and you can give it a read here. I’m pretty proud of it!

I flew in from our vacation in Turks and Caicos last night, and I’d like to share with you 20 intriguing and humorous things I learned:

  1. Mom and I went to Mass Sunday morning at the only Catholic church on the Island, and we learned very quickly that they love their music. The more festive the better… Steel drums at Mass, anyone?

  2. I must have heard “It’s all good” about ten billion times. I’m going to convince myself that it was relaxing.

  3. They definitely take care of the environment. So much so, that a Russian cargo ship was planning on coming to unload on Providenciales and got stuck in the sand off shore. Bringing the ship in would require dredging and harming the ecosystem, and thus they refused it and the massive ship has been stuck in the muck for 9 years now.

  4. It’s totally normal to be swimming alongside a stingray, dolphin, turtle… or a humpback whale.

  5. Oh yeah, and iguanas too! Here’s me with my new BFF iguana on Iguana Island (Little Water Key). I named him Benedict.

  6. The water is so turquoise that I literally could not mix the colors with the watercolor palette I was toting along with my sketchbook.

  7. There’s people! Walking, talking, sitting on benches, actually being social…

  8. They drive really fast and on the wrong side of the road.

  9. Speed limits… what are those??

  10. Speaking of driving, I didn’t know that we were on the highway until I read a sign. Their highway = American road.

  11. They take responsibility for their mistakes, even so much that it might be awkward for us because we’re unfortunately not used to that!

  12. Everyone was kind, humble, relaxed, and a tad bit quirky. It’s all fun.

  13. It’s totally normal to have stray dogs and cats roaming around. They call the stray dogs “potcakes” and bring home kitchen scraps to feed the neighborhood potcakes that act as guard dogs for their yards.

  14. We visited a potcake shelter, and the dogs are so cute!

  15. There is no native language being spoken. Everyone from the island grew up speaking English, and if you ask them what their native language is it gets real awkward real fast.

  16. That being said, there is a mix of French, Spanish, and Creole spoken in addition to English based on which countries have colonized the islands and its proximity to Hispanic countries and Haiti.

  17. Conch is pretty much a staple. There’s about a hundred ways to prepare it. On our snorkeling cruise, they even harvested the conch (AKA your lunch) right in front of you… which sent the vegetarian running in the opposite direction down the beach.

  18. There’s a tad bit too much bottled water for the environmentalist in me, but I suppose that’s a bit better than drinking water with sulfur in it.

  19. They have the third largest reef system in the world. The barrier reef protects the islands from being eroded away.

  20. It’s super awesome! I didn’t want to come home! When I’m sitting in AP Chem next week, I’ll be wishing that I was still frolicking on a paddle board in the clear blue water.

Four days of school and then I’m off to NCWIT National Award Ceremony in Charlotte! Can’t wait! Thank you to everyone who continues to support me.

Totus Tuus.

God bless,


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