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  • Olivia R. Colombo

"Alleluia Is Our Song!"

Hello! I haven’t written here in two weeks because life has been crazy… but it’s Easter! Alleluia! (Wasn’t it just New Year’s though, and now it’s April? What??) The year has flown by, but it’s been filled with great things.

Super exciting projects are happening this week! I’m going to be filming some things that are coming out soon, and I’ll also be traveling to speak at an Earth Day assembly for Roots & Shoots this week. I’m excited!

I’ve also been busy blogging for the the Jane Goodall Institute, and 2 of the top five most popular blogs are mine! So exciting! With over 10,000 shares, the #1 blog is “Delhi, India Has Banned All Plastic. Yes, ALL Plastic.” Third on the list is currently my newest published blog, “U.S. Senate Overturns the Ban On “Barbaric Practices” For Wildlife,” which has been shared several thousand times. I also have a newer blog about the drought in California entitled, “200 More Years of Drought, California? Time to Rethink Water Conservation Messages." They were all really interesting environmental current events topics, and I enjoyed learning and writing about them. I definitely suggest staying informed and giving them a read!

Last Monday we ran a successful service retreat for the junior class at SHHS— a huge thank you to Fr. Sinisa for an awesome Mass!!

This week my Lent and then my Easter tapestries went up at St. Joe's. Here’s some pictures from after the Easter Vigil Mass last night.

I’ve also been busy painting some things for my Etsy. 😃

Happy Easter! One of my favorite quotes from JPII is, “Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and Alleluia is our song.” Until next week!

God bless,