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Back from Newport & Off to Steubenville!

Hello everyone! It's been a very busy and fun week full of traveling! We just got back from Newport, RI, and today I am traveling to UMass Lowell for the Steubenville East Conference.

Here's a travel diary that I compiled from our adventures in Newport. I brought a GoPro along with me on a harbor tour, the cliff walk, beaches, and more!

In a few hours I will be traveling with other teens from St. Joseph's Parish to join over 3,200 other teens at Steubenville East. It's going to be an amazing and memorable weekend. I've mentioned it before, but it's almost every Catholic teen's dream to attend a Steubenville conference, and I was thrilled when I got off the waitlist. It was absolutely meant to be, and I cannot wait to go.

Please pray for the thousands of teens to have a memorable and safe weekend in which we get to encounter our Lord and His love.

What's coming up next? I'm sure I will have lots of stories to share (as well as a vlog!) from Steubenville. Also, rumor has it that my Roots & Shoots video blog post for Dr. Jane Goodall's Good For All News is being broadcasted in an online presentation room for the International Fund for Animal Welfare virtual conference today. I'll share links/details when I have them :)

As always, thank you to everyone who supports me. Have an amazing week! God bless!



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