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Behind the Scenes: My Blink Series with CatholicTV & Illustrating A Book!

Hello! The past few weeks have been jammed-packed with fun opportunities and end-of-school festivities (AKA finals...). School's out, so here’s a quick update of what I’ve been up to so far this June.

CatholicTV Filming

In April, I made an appearance on This Is the Day, CatholicTV’s live show. Two weeks ago, I had an awesome day filming my “blink series” for CatholicTV. Basically, in each mini-episode I get to speak about a topic I'm passionate about and tell my story. The blinks will air in the next few months, and I am beyond excited. I am so proud and so humbled over this opportunity— thank you so much Bishop Reed, Laura, and everyone at CatholicTV!

Illustrating for the JGI

I got to illustrate a BOOK for the JGI!!!! What?!? I was so thrilled to be illustrating for Dr. Jane and my favorite people. It was an awesome opportunity to be able to share a positive message of community service through my art. The electronic book just went up on Roots & Shoots’ website, and will be shared on social media soon!

See the ebook here!!

Haiti Update

Two weeks ago I had a table at the annual Kingston Lion’s Club flea market & craft fair, and I sold cards and artwork from my Etsy to raise money for my trip to Haiti in August. My excitement is building, and I can't wait. I’ve also been spending some time learning Haitian Creole… Mwen renmen lang la! I love the language!

There are so many exciting projects in the works, and I cannot wait to share them all. Next week I’ll be heading off to Discipleship Week again, and I’ve been counting the days since I went last year, following my Witness to Life award from Cardinal Seán. Discipleship Week here I come!!

Thank you to everyone who continues to support me. Talk to you next week!

God bless,