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Fifth Grade Presentation!

Update on the Green Highway Project

This week was an exciting week for the Green Highway as I had the joy of presenting to a group of eager fifth graders at Sacred Heart Elementary School. I talked about climate change, the design process of being an inventor, and the Green Highway Project. I emphasized the idea that inventors can be any age, gender, or anything else -- you just have to see a problem in the world around you and then find a solution.

The fifth graders had amazing questions, great suggestions, and amazing "what-if's" regarding the logistics of my project and climate change in general. I absolutely loved speaking with them, and can't wait to see if any of them become inventors someday!

Due to this week's STEM fair at Boston University (more to follow in another post:) ), I already have several other schools interested in having me. If you ever want me to come and speak at any school or event, don't hesitate to contact me! :)



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