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Haters Gonna Hate, But I'm Gonna Love.

Hello! So many terrific projects are brewing, and many more exciting things will be happening in the next few weeks! I can't wait to share it all with you.

Very exciting news! Cardinal Seán shared my March for Life 2017 video on his blog with commentary, “Earlier this week, I received a link to this video produced by one of those students who were with us, Olivia Colombo from Sacred Heart High School in Kingston, sharing her experience of the March and witnessing to the Gospel of Life. I thought it was so inspiring that I wanted to share it with all the readers of my blog. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.” If you want to check out what else he said, it’s at the very bottom of his post here. Thank you, Cardinal Séan!

Also, I don’t want to harp on this since this blog is supposed to be a positive platform for sharing, but I've received some hate on my latest video. I know well that abortion, and all religious and pro-life matters, are controversial topics. Trust me, I know. I’ve encountered my fair share of resistance and negativity. It takes courage and faith to stand up for my beliefs in such a cruel world. Yesterday, in the wake of the hype from the #DefundPP protesting, a man shared a page that had praised my video, but added his own opinion. He called me out by name and wrote things like I am “a twisted, fanatical bigot,” and “worshipper of grotesque, bloody torture.” Not only did he misunderstand the goal of my video, in my opinion the worst part was his statement “None of your calls for civility will change the fact that we see you as an abomination.” As a reader of this blog, you all know by this point that my motto is “turn passion into compassion.” The things we care about should be pursued with love, care, and our best intentions. My goal is merely to love. My goal create a society that a woman is never faced with deciding to keep a child or keep her career. My goal is to have a society that everyone is loved, cared for, and has the food and shelter they need. My goal is merely love and let everyone feel love. I am not just “calling for civility,” I am calling for love. And I refuse to back down.

I would be lying if I said that the hate didn’t hurt, but it’s situations like these that make me determined to work harder. When I’m prepping kids for the March for Life, or any situation where we might encounter haters, I always instruct them to merely say “You are loved,” and then move on. To the grown man who hid behind the computer screen and tried to knock down a girl voicing her beliefs, you are loved. I love you and God loves you.

I am so thankful and grateful for all of you that support me. I am not sharing this for pity, or because I’m hurt, but rather I want everyone to be in the loop and learn from it along with me. Bottom line: love, and love everyone.

Totus Tuus.

God bless,


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