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International Eco-Hero Award... and off to Discipleship Week!

Hello! Here's a short and sweet update of what I'm up to... because I'm currently on an Archdiocese of Boston bus on my way to Discipleship Week 2017!!  Last year was probably the best week of my life, and I'm bouncing off the walls just thinking about this year.

I recently I found out that I am a 2017 International Eco-Hero Honorable Mention.  I am so grateful and humbled to be recognized on the international level by Action for Nature.  Thank you to everyone who made this possible!  

Alright, I'm off to Northeast Catholic College for a week of water balloon fights, daily Mass, playing capture the flag in the dark with Fr. Matt, singing our hearts out, dressing in bed-sheet togas, and spending late nights with my favorite people.  

Here's a picture of us praying before we left the first bus stop this morning. 

Here's my blog about last year's Discipleship Week.  Please pray that we all have a safe and faithful week up in New Hampshire.  Talk to you next Sunday!

(Also, last year I vlogged my week at DW.  Check out the video below.  My camera is in my backpack, all ready for this year!)

God bless,


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