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Science Fairs, Blog Posts, and Gardens, Oh My!

Update on Olivia's Science Endeavors

The month of May has been a very busy exciting month-- and it's not even over yet! Some very exciting science and environmental things have been in the works... and May has been the month to celebrate them. From state science fair at MIT to a new organic garden at Sacred Heart Elementary School, great things have been going on!

Science Fair

This year I advanced from school, to regional, to state science fair, where I competed and exhibited my project the first week of May. First, I participated in a STEM fair exhibition at Boston University alongside robotics teams and science fair students from around the state. The audience was mostly journalists, as the event was part of the Education Writer's Association National Seminar.

I was honored to meet U.S. Press Secretary for the Department of Education, Dorie Turner Nolt, when she flew in to the seminar from Washington D.C.

Later that week I joined MSSEF at MIT for the state science & engineering fair with over 400 other students from all over Massachusetts. Our projects were judged and given feedback by scientists from around the country.

Additionally, I have entered the Google Science Fair with my Green Highway project, and made a video with the updated research and prototype to build on my ProjectCSGIRLS video entry.

Good For All News

Additionally, this month I have published two blog posts for Dr. Jane Goodall's blog, "Good For All News." The first post was recounting an interview I had with a thirteen-year old elephant conservationist, Taegen Yardley. She was incredibly inspirational, and I was honored to tell the story of the movie that she produced with National Geographic called "A World with Elephants."

The second post was a vlog (video blog) that I produced about applying the four step Roots & Shoots project formula to the creation of Sacred Heart Elementary School's organic garden. It was a great project that has been in the works for a few years and finally came to fruition this month. Over a dozen sponsors and over fifty volunteers gathered in a community-effort to build the garden. You can watch the vlog to see the garden in action.

Very exciting things have happened so far this month! Thank you to everyone who continues to support me in all of my endeavors.



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