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Smiling & Treading Water

Hello! I feel like I start every blog post by saying how crazy busy the week was— because it’s true! As my friend Deacon Kevin and I sympathized this week, we feel like we’re treading water as we keep up with life, and every once and awhile we get a mouthful of seawater! This week was packed with school, running and high jumping, working on my tapestry project for St. Joe’s, and painting some Etsy orders.

Here's a few progress photos of my tapestries. Lent is done, and Easter is underway. Hopefully they’ll be hanging in the church soon!

I’ve also been working on some Etsy projects, particularly as May Crownings, Easter, First Communions, and Confirmations are coming up!

I’ve been having some fun with friends, including an epic nerf war in the church basement last week, and a super fun Spanish field trip to a Spanish restaurant in Boston!

I’m just going to keep on focusing on treading water, and having a blast while I’m doing it! Until next week.

Totus Tuus.

God bless,


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