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#SteubieEast, Presenting for International Fund for Animal Welfare, & Kennedy Space Center Video

Weekly Update: July

This week has been an exciting week! This summer has brought some incredible traveling, opportunites, and people that I'm so excited to share!

Steubenville East Conference

The Steubenville Conferences are well known in my generation of Catholics for being a life changing weekend, and #SteubieEast was no different. For a weekend at UMass Lowell, over 3,200 teens packed into the Tsongas Center. There was awesome music, amazing talks, and great people. We celebrated Mass everyday and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament every night. We are very grateful that both Biship McManus from the Diocese of Worcester and Bishop Dooher from the Archdiocese of Boston were able to celebrate Mass with us. It was incredibly special to have two apostles that I look up to from the different dioceses that I've lived in over the years.

I got to spend a memorable weekend with a group of 15 kids from my parish, St. Joseph's in Kingston. One of the most incredible things was seeing all of the people whom I've met and become friendly with in the Archdiocese of Boston. Fifty people must have come up to me, having met me at Discipleship Week or heard me speak or seen my videos. My own youth group kept lovingly rolling their eyes and asking the question, "who doesn't Olivia know here?" It was a humbling and inspiring experience to have priests, seminarians, ministers, and teens come up and talk to me. Thank you to everyone who I got to chat with, especially my Discipleship Week brothers and sisters! I miss you guys so much!

Thank you to St. Joseph's for bringing me along for this unforgettable weekend. I'll definitely be back next year, Steubie East.

Here's Fr. Michael Sheehan, an amazing & holy Franciscan priest that I have had the pleasure of crossing paths with, posing with the tally marks of how many people received the Sacrament of Reconciliation and became sin-free saints!

Featured Presenter at the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)

I have the honor to be representing the Jane Goodall Institute and presenting via a video that I made for a blog post for Dr. Jane blog, Good For All News. This video describes the Roots and Shoots 4 step formula as applied to Sacred Heart Elementary School's new organic garden service-learning campaign. The IFAW is showing this video as a featured presentation for the next few weeks in their Youth Forum for People and Wildlife.

Please watch the video and ask me questions in the forum! I will be checking the forum at least daily for the next few weeks. To get into the presentation, click this link:

You will be prompted to sign in via a free account to be able to see the video and ask questions.

This has been an awesome opportunity and I hope people will ask lots of questions regarding the JGI, my project, or anything else!

Kennedy Space Center "Who is my hero?"

The Kennedy Space Center and U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame has launched a video contest called "Who is your hero?" They ask that participants make a short unedited video of who inspires them, what makes them inspiring, and what makes up a hero. Winners of the contest will have their video shown in an exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center. Here's my video explaining with Dr. Jane Goodall is my hero.

This has been a great week! Thank you to everyone who made it possible!



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