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Warning: I get a little bit preachy in this post. However, this is exactly what’s been on my heart, and this is what I feel needs to be said. I speak out of a place of love, passion, and a longing for the world to be healed.

Above is one of my favorite paintings that I have ever crafted. As I’m sure you could imagine, there’s immense meaning packed into it. It’s Jesus Christ, and more specifically, it’s an illustration of John 11:35. As the shortest verse in the entirety of the Bible, the verse is merely two words, stating “Jesus wept.” It’s at the death of one of his good friends, Lazarus, whom he raises from the dead shortly after. For me, this quote has always been a comfort in times of sadness, knowing that the humanity of Our Lord allowed Him to feel pain. He shares in our pain and sadness with us.

This brings comfort as more often than not lately, I find myself distressed and saddened in prayer. There’s so much wrong with this world. There are children starving in Africa, an orphanage without a well in Uganda, hateful and uninformed people taking to social media, children being blasted with chlorine gas in Syria, a hateful situation with the president, a Women’s March that had good in intention but is discriminating against pro-life women, and not to mention, the pro-life issues weighing on my heart lately. As many of you know, I am a strong member of the “pro-life generation.” We believe that every human being, from the second of conception to the second of natural death has dignity, beauty, and deserves to be loved and protected as we were made in image and likeness of God. Life is sacred. Life is a masterpiece. Pro-life is not synonymous with anti-abortion, not even close. Pro-life encompasses every single issue that endangers the life, dignity, safety, well-being or worth or any human being. We are made to be loved. our passion must be turned in compassion as love is the only solution to the issues our broken world is facing.

Today is the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court case that made abortion legal in the United States. Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, you can agree with the fact that my generation has suffered the most. I have lost 57 million brothers and sisters in these 44 years. Abortion is not the answer. Whether the reasoning is rape, women’s health, or something else, I stand here and say that those are indeed difficult, complex, and devastating issues. I stand here to love those women. I also stand here to say that abortion is not the answer. There must be an answer, perhaps society has not found it yet, but abortion is not it. No life should be ended before it had a chance, no mother should suffer from the ramifications. The statistics are heartbreaking, with startling rates of PTSD, women being physically injured, and all women post-abortion 7 times more likely to commit suicide. I am here in love, and to say that I am marching in the March for Life with the Archdiocese of Boston later this week in Washington D.C. to make our voices heard. We are turning our passion in compassion. We are the new pro-life generation. We are different from the opinionated and even hateful movements that proceeded us. We love. We are a movement of love.

I ask for your prayers, for safety, for health, for success, and for hearts to be changed for love as we march. I’m excited. I love the March for Life. It’s a pilgrimage, filled with Mass with the Cardinal, bonding with our peers, raising our voices, and experiencing the love of God through the sacraments. I am excited. I hope that regardless of where you stand on the issue, that you recognize that women deserve better than the “choice” presented and that you will pray for us and for them. We deserve better. We deserve love and life and nothing less.

I will proudly hold my sign that says “I survived Roe v. Wade, and Roe v. Wade’s not going to survive me.” I thank everyone who supports me. My love to you all.

Totus Tuus.

God bless,


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Totus Tuus;