Making a difference through science and inventions


Olivia strives to change the world for the better through science and technology, focusing on climate change and other humanitarian science issues.  She is a National NCWIT 2017 Award Winner, sponsored by Bank of America, and an International Honorable Mention Eco-Hero, demonstrating dedication to changing the world through science.

One of her most recognized projects is called the Green Highway Project, which proposes utilizing highways for a new source of renewable energy using spring electromagnets and thermocouples to convert kinetic and thermal energy to electrical energy. With this project, Olivia has been recognized nationally and internationally by ProjectCSGIRLS, the Kurt Giessler Foundation, and MIT THINK, and she recently was awarded a provisional patent from the USPTO.

Additionally, Olivia can be found teaching kids how to program robots, spreading awareness about the gender gap in technology, or trying to find new causes of climate change with data from NASA.

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